Our values: history, tradition, evolution and innovation.


Chinellato has been working in the furniture sector since 1969. In that year Paola Chinellato embarked on the path of frame decoration using the technique of leaf gilding, typical of the Venetian craft tradition. Over the years, together with her son Massimo, she has developed leaf finishing solutions for interior decoration. Their craftsmanship has thus become a family tradition. Since 2005 Chinellato has been concentrating on the challenge of new leaf gilding techniques on different materials with innovations that allow their use for the needs of new design concepts. Today Chinellato continues the challenge of considering the finish a fundamental element in the creation of value in furniture design and passes on the leaf gilding technique.


Chinellato takes up the Venetian artistic tradition of finishing with gouache and mission gilding. In the Venetian tradition, the plasterer was the craftsman who, working alongside the architect, stonemasons, painters, carpenters, terrazzo workers and upholsterers, created the decorations and finishes for each building. In this context, furniture finishing was the highlight of the creation of decor objects. As in the past, Chinellato keeps alive and enhances the leaf gilding on furniture by adapting to the continuous changes in design and customer needs. The new uses of leaf gilding in fact require an updating of the finishes proposed and the techniques used.


Chinellato values the connection between tradition and modernity in a continuous evolution over time and has decided to propose design solutions that bring shapes and finishes closer to the end customer’s taste and requirements. It places the customer at the centre of the path necessary for the creation of the finished product. The work is based on constant research and updating of the design of models and choice of materials in order to achieve a final result that gives a sense of comfort and satisfaction to those who experience the furniture. The craftsmanship of furnishing finishes thus becomes a tailoring of the furnishing accessory.


The path of evolution leads to the innovation of leaf finishing techniques in furniture, which becomes an added value in the creation of quality refined furnishing accessories. Chinellato proposes new decorative effects on different materials. Research, development and innovation in techniques aim to create design through empathy between colours, effects and the customer’s taste requirements. Our work therefore maintains flexibility and innovation to offer the best result in the customer’s choice process.