Our know-how

Leaf gilding and silvering application pertain to decorative furnishing, on metal, wood, and its derivatives.

Our craftsmen’s experience in the use of the most varied manufacturing techniques allows us to supply finished products with any type of finish.
From antique style finishes, Louis XV and Louis XVI, to modern style finishes, or any other original finish that will make your products unique. We innovate and update finishes to offer new solutions that best suit the customer’s design and mood.


Gilding is a complex and strictly manual process of finishing furniture. The stages of gilding are different and must follow a process to achieve a uniform and long-lasting design result.

Step 1: After preparing the base on which to gild, our master gilder spreads the leaf by hand, one by one – remember that each leaf is very thin – until it completely covers the surface of the object.
Step 2: the entire surface is shaped by hand to make the leaves adhere to the base to be gilded, eliminate the ridges of the corners and correct any imperfections.
Step 3: The sanding and fixing stage is essential to achieve the final effect with its colour variations and a long-lasting result against oxidation, peeling and scratching.


Chinellato’s skills in gilding have matured through long tradition and daily experience. Another gilding technique perfected over the years is Chabin gilding.

Step 1. After preparing the background surface, the master gilder starts to spread the Chabin, small pieces of material, over the surface to be gilded. The result and light effects depend on the quality of the craftsmanship carried out by the master gilder.
Step 2: The gilded surface must be uniform and fully adhered to the base. In order to perfect the Schabin gilding and make the finish completely flat, a meticulous shaping process is carried out, which our masters refer to as “tirar” (lit. “to pull”)
Step 3: We arrive at a completely uniform, mosaic-like surface ready for the last part of the procedure, the protective fixing that gives it its shine and colour effect.

How could we forget this long tradition? All this is our added value and we try to pass it on to our partners.