Contract Sector

The innovation of traditional gilding techniques applied to furniture allows the enhancement of finishes even in modern styles. Through the development of new leaf shades and technical tests to improve the final result, gilding can become a form of design to create unique solutions with a flexible decorative effect. We are able to adapt production to mass-produced finished products or interior designs for the commercial and private sectors.

Project for interior designer studio: metal table with Schabin gold leaf finish

Project for interior design studio: table with metal base with gold leaf finish on red background.

Project for interior design studio: gold leaf portal for Las Vegas trade fair exhibition.

Project for interior design studio: gilding with gold leaf on embossment for classic white lacquered kitchen.

Our technical department offers a service to support the definition of our customers’ projects. We can offer complete, customised projects or define the finishes to be applied to products or projects already made. Craftsmanship flexibility allows us to say that everything is in our hands.